When I first selected Living and Working on the Web as a module, I didn’t anticipate how hard it would initially be to write that first blog. This was because of my lack of experience in writing a blog and from never having really read/followed one. But after posting my first blog, I felt a relief and confidence about the next few weeks.

Topic 1 was about digital ‘residents’ and ‘visitors’ which intrigued me because they were not familiar terms. I researched into Prensky’s, and White and Cornu’s theories; the more I understood what the terms meant, the more I began comparing myself and others I knew and placing them along the continuum.

The comment and question asked by Hannah made me think further on whether the theories would still be relevant in 30 years time because of technologies developing and society adapting to it. The other feedback I received from friends and family were also helpful and I received advice on how I could improve and develop my writing skills for future blogs.

After reading a few blogs I decided to write on ones that did not have pre-existing comments because I wanted to draw my own conclusions. The first person’s blog I commented on was Harry’s, I found his blog very informative in the way he expanded further into White’s theory by adding in ‘personal’ and ‘institutional’ aspects of the continuum. The second blog I commented on was Tom’s, the way he laid out his blog made it easy to read and terminology was explained appropriately.

Reflecting on back on this topic, I’ve developed my knowledge on what digital ‘residents’ and ‘visitors’ are and how it links to society. In addition to this, I’ve been able to review and see how I could better my blog in adding more interactive features and pictures – as well as being able to see how I can enhance my writing skills.