For Topic 2, we were asked to write about online identity, and the arguments about having more than one. Initially, I wasn’t aware it was even possible to have multiple but after research I was becoming more swayed to the argument of for having more than one multiple identity. This subjective view was reflected on my blog, and left my discussion on against with barely any argument – as a few comments pointed out.

The blogs I read and commented on both had very good cases to their arguments. The first blog was Tobie’s who found an interesting and different way of representing our online identities with a piece called the ‘Meta ego’. Tobie thought the artist, Jonty Hurwitz, should have considered making multiple ‘Meta egos’ in order for it to be more accurate. However, I understood Hurwitz created the face with strips that resembled partial parts of your identity to make a whole so I was slightly confused as to how you could have more than one ‘Meta ego’.

The second blog I looked at was Alice’s, her arguments were followed by videos which linked appropriately and were informative. Her blog included a video with Jim Broscovich who spoke about fluid identities and how it’s not just people having multiple personalities but also people integrating themselves online between male and female. After my research, I hadn’t considered or thought people also doing this.

Overall, this topic introduced and taught me a number of things in terms of knowledge and how to better my blog posts. Hopefully, the things I’ve learnt from my research and other blogs can be carried onto future topics. To better my next blog, I need to balance any arguments to allow for a better structure and easier read.