In the last topic, I wrote about online identity and how what you post can damage your reputation online and the chances of finding a job from a digital footprint that gets left behind. This week’s topic links very well, and I will be discussing how you are able to create an authentic online professional profile.

During a seminar last year for my Digital Age module, we discussed online security and were asked to Google ourselves and check to see what results were shown. Luckily for me nothing damaging came up from my social media accounts, but I still proceeded to do a security and privacy check on all accounts. By doing this, I could prevent anything from happening in the future that might jeopardise work prospects or current job. An article written by Jon Ronson tells a story of a woman called Justine Sacco and how her world flipped from an absent-minded tweet, which caused her to lose her job and impacted her life massively.


It’s clear as technology continues to develop, social media is having more of an impact when it comes to employers recruiting new employees and the current ones they have. Statistics from Jobsite showed that 93% of recruiters would review a candidate’s social profile before making a decision. That in fact, 94% of employers use LinkedIn for recruiting – LinkedIn being one of the highest social media websites used. If you take a look at all the statistics shown, you’ll see the competition for jobs is increasing which means recruiters have to really select the best possible candidates. In order to do this, “social media is an essential tool across industries.” (Jobsite, 2014) You will also discover social media -especially LinkedIn – is highly used when it comes to recruiting.

Having a LinkedIn profile for employers to view enables you to show your best abilities and what you have exactly to offer them. In this article, it explains how you are able to create a good profile. One point that isn’t mentioned in the article is having groups in order to network. I think that networking is important when it comes to LinkedIn because it allows you to show you interests and connections, which you may need later on. However, you mustn’t be mistaken that you can connect with someone but not talk to him or her until it’s to your advantage.



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