One thing I discover whilst researching this topic is how important having a good professional online profile is. A way to establish yourself online is through LinkedIn: something I talk in depth about in my blog. LinkedIn isn’t something I have but haven’t properly set up to “completion” which I should really do as I’m applying for placements and it’s a good site for recruiters to look at.

The comments made on this topic were already ones I could see coming as I realised after posting, I had misread the question. My post was mainly around talking about LinkedIn and how you could use it to create a professional profile. However, there are many more ways such as a professional Facebook, Twitter and/or blog. This is something I couldn’t expanded on.

Despite this, the blogs I read and commented on were clear and very well researched. Similar to mine, Hei Lam’s blog included a lot of facts and statistics. Usually when I think about blogging, video blogging isn’t one of the first ways to come to mind. Hei Lam suggested the best way to blog in real-life is through videos on YouTube. People like Zoella and Tanya Burr, who used YouTube as a platform to upload videos as a hobby, received and created careers mostly through the popularity of those videos.

Another blog was Will’s, he linked in all of his references and research quite well and it was an easy read. He believes that if you are a professional, then it should be shown throughout everything you do online. This is something I also agree with, and that includes personal profiles people might have. They have to make sure everything they say is still something that won’t cause controversy.