For this topic, I picked online privacy as the ethical issue to discuss when it comes to businesses using social media for recruiting. I found this topic to be particularly interesting and enjoyed researching into it. Before, I never considered how much it could be an invasion of privacy when it came to recruiters screening your online profiles and how far they should really be allowed to go. As a student, I have a lot of pictures from nights out, however I feel as if a recruiter shouldn’t make immediate judgements based on this. It doesn’t solely represent who I am as a person. Despite this opinion, I still make the necessary precautions to make sure my privacy settings are on the highest possible and only my friends can see my profile.

In Arun’s blog, his writes about his sister being a teacher and having to be cautious about everything she uploads. Personally, I think it’s unfair for her to be so restricted on social media but then you have to consider the role model she is to the students she teaches. Overall, I really appreciated the effort Arun went to in created primary research to this topic and how he thought outside the box to make his blog stand out.

The second blog I read was Melak’s, hers was about identity theft. I found this topic equally as interesting because it’s so curious as to why people do it in the first place. In her blog she linked it to the TV show, Catfish, and to Ruth Palmer who had her whole online persona replicated. Although a bit more information/stats could’ve been given in how this relates to businesses, I enjoyed reading Melak’s blog.