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The Final Post!

Looking back to the introductory lecture I had at the beginning  of the semester, I remember thinking how different this would be to my other modules and how challenging it could be. Having no lectures or compulsory classes, meant this... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Topic 5

This topic discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Open Access and what they influence. It was something I was aware of but never really fully understood what it meant.   Not having open access is a something that impacts education... Continue Reading →

Topic 5: Open Access

Open access is scientific and technological information that is open for the world to read, access, and build on. They are split into two components: 'free to read' meaning there's no pay wall, and 'free to re-use' meaning users who... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Topic 4

For this topic, I picked online privacy as the ethical issue to discuss when it comes to businesses using social media for recruiting. I found this topic to be particularly interesting and enjoyed researching into it. Before, I never considered how much it... Continue Reading →

Topic 4: Your Privacy Matters

With the rise of technology in the recent decade, it becomes the question of whether or not it’s ethical to incorporate social media in the recruitment process. How much is too much? Glenn Greenwald talks about why privacy matters and the basis... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Topic 3

One thing I discover whilst researching this topic is how important having a good professional online profile is. A way to establish yourself online is through LinkedIn: something I talk in depth about in my blog. LinkedIn isn’t something I... Continue Reading →

Topic 3: Authenticity Online

In the last topic, I wrote about online identity and how what you post can damage your reputation online and the chances of finding a job from a digital footprint that gets left behind. This week’s topic links very well, and I... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Topic 2

For Topic 2, we were asked to write about online identity, and the arguments about having more than one. Initially, I wasn’t aware it was even possible to have multiple but after research I was becoming more swayed to the argument of... Continue Reading →

Topic 2: Online Identity

We are always told we should be careful what we post online and what we allow people to see because of potential employers who are likely to search your name. So in order to present yourself and maintain a good... Continue Reading →

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