Looking back to the introductory lecture I had at the beginning  of the semester, I remember thinking how different this would be to my other modules and how challenging it could be. Having no lectures or compulsory classes, meant this module would be a new way of learning and developing skills I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do with traditional modules. With having 3 deadlines to meet fortnightly meant I had to be organised to be able to meet these deadlines – something I like to think I improved on throughout the semester!


After looking at my self-test results (above), it gets put into perspective the digital skills I was uncomfortable with towards the beginning of the module but perhaps in own mind I thought I was developed enough in. It was only until I completed the self-test that I realised my digital skills are nowhere near as advanced as they could be. This module has allowed me to enhance digital skills and it can be seen my comparing my Topic 1 blog which had no images or videos and only a few references to my Topic 5 blog which include a video, self-made image and plenty of references.


When it comes to the internet, as a person who has grown up with the ‘digital age’, I assumed I knew enough about the internet to use it effectively. However, this module has brought to light aspects of the Internet I never considered or have come across before such as Topic 1: Digital Residents and Visitors and Topic 5: Open Access.


Every topic left me considering new things and questioning my online presence; this could be my online profiles, security, privacy or even what I posted online. As a result, I checked my online profiles and began considering what I need to do to change the way they are viewed and what potential employers could see, including my Instagram as it’s not a private account. I started deleting and editing things I might not want potential employers to see and have started to take into consideration everything I write/share on Twitter as I didn’t want a Justine Sacco situation from writing one misinterpreted tweet/post.


Digital skills are something I think are vital in the new technological age and the skills are needed in the workplace as businesses are moving from traditional methods. This article goes into depth about why digital skills are important in the workplace.


Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this modules and found it to be such a learning curve. Following on from this, I’d like to try and implement the new and developed skills into other parts of my uni work. As I’m hoping to be starting a placement year next year, I’m also hoping I’ll be able to take over some of the things I’ve learnt and incorporate them into my work there.


One of the things I talk about is this prismatic identity, that you are multi-faceted. You are not just who you are sharing with, it is who you are sharing as. It is really a piece of you is changing and people are seeing a different face of you.

(Christopher Poole, 2011)





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